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Emergency Dentistry

Here at The Red House Dental Practice, we offer a wide range of procedures for patients who may require emergency dental treatment following tooth ache, infections or tooth fracture.

Individuals registered with the practice who require emergency dental treatment are urged to contact the practice as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Simple issues can often worsen over time and ultimately result in wider oral health issues or a long period of unnecessary pain and discomfort.


Out-of-hours emergency care:

The Red House provides emergency out-of-hours care for Private and Denplan patients on evenings, weekends and bank holidays. The practice is part of a rota with five other private dental practices in the local area who all provide this service. Should an emergency occur just contact our practice phone, and follow the instructions on the answer phone message.


Dental trauma

Dental trauma cases involve the tooth being forced out of its natural position, knocked out completely or fractured, with each type of injury requiring its own special type of care.

Individuals whose teeth have been pushed out of alignment are advised to apply small amounts of pressure to reposition the tooth back into place, while those whose tooth has fallen out completely should clean any debris and store the tooth in a glass of milk and immediately come to the practice.

When dental trauma occurs, the resulting bleeding or fractured teeth may appear very serious to the patient and could worry a nervous patient but patients can rest assured that we have the modern equipment and techniques to rectify even severe cases of dental trauma.


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