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Following announcement of the Lockdown on 4th January 2021, The Red House Dental Practice will remain OPEN.

You are actively encouraged to keep your appointments, whether they be for treatment, check-ups or routine Dental Hygienist visits.

The Government guidance on the national lock down says, "The majority of public services will continue and you will be able to leave home to visit them. These include the NHS and medical services like GPs and dentists". Dentistry is an essential medical service.

Patients are entitled to travel for medical appointments, including dental.

The Red House team have always promoted the importance of preventative care; to this extent spending time on essential check-ups and routine hygienist care will in turn reduce the need for emergency care at a later stage. Picking up a problem early, whether that be oral cancer or tooth decay, is of prime importance.     

Prior to attending the practice, please ring the team first. This will allow us to triage your care efficiently and safely.

If you are worried about your attendance please contact us to discuss your concerns, we can always postpone your care till a later date. 

In the interest of safety, our door will be locked. Please knock, a member of the team will be with you promptly. 

As always, we have prioritised infection control procedures. We have access to all the necessary PPE and we have instituted a robust triaging policy. When you attend, you will see that there have been a number of measures taken to ensure both the safety of yourselves and the team is maintained and to minimise the Covid-19 transmission risk. The practice and the team may look a bit different, but you can rest assured it is the same team behind the enhanced PPE. To find out more information about these measures, please click here

Ongoing guidelines mean that we have had to modify the way we provide your care.

Your upcoming appointments may need re-arranging, one of the team will contact you to let you know if this is needed. 

As the Covid-19 threat level drops then our guidance will again change. As this happens we hope that we will be able to return to a more "normal" workflow. If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to ring the practice and one of the team will be more than happy to speak with you.

Thank you for bearing with us as together we all work through the ever changing landscape together. 



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The Red House is a private family dental practice in Malton, North Yorkshire. We aim to provide consistently high standards of dentistry in a professional yet friendly environment.

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